Will Henshall with Melissa Rebronja EMAR

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to meet Will Henshall, founder of UK soul pop band Londonbeat, who had a number of pop and dance hits in the 1990s. Their biggest hit being “I’ve been thinking about you”.

I was elated when Will agreed to be interviewed for my two YouTube shows: EMAR EVOLVE TALK and MusicDreamsTV. This is my very first “Rockstar” interview.

Interviewing and getting to know Will on a deeper level has completely expanded my consciousness. Will is not only a Rockstar because he wrote and played on a few hit songs, he is a total Rockstar because he genuinely cares about humanity, and wants to make our world a better place.

Check out my two AWESOME interviews with Will Henshall below.


TOPIC: “Fame, Spirituality & New Technology”
(Being an Artist & Inventor, Fame & Ego, Spirituality, Oneness, Singularity University & New Technology)


TOPICS: (Music Industry then & now, Writing Hit-songs, Radio & much more)

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