Today marks the 19th Anniversary of the worst mass murder committed in Europe since WW2. Up until now my heart was unable to feel or process the magnitude of this darkness, so I never wrote about it before.

In July of 1995 I was visiting friends and family in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.  It pains me to think that while I was vacationing in Serbia and flying to Montenegro to hang at the Adriatic sea, not too far in neighboring Bosnia the worst crimes against humanity were being committed. Over 8,000 men and boys were massacred in 2 days.

I cannot even imagine the horror they went through. The victims and the perpetrators are my people. My own father, brother, uncles and cousins could’ve been those victims. My own uncles, cousins, and friends could’ve been those perpetrators.

I pray for healing and forgiveness.

I, Melissa Rebronja, love ALL people of former Yugoslavia with ALL my heart: Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Macedonians, Montenegrins, Slovenes and Albanians.

I understand that all people of all sides in the Yugoslav wars have committed atrocities and hurt each other. I will write more about that too. Today we honor the victims and make amends for the massacre in Srebrenica.


To the nations of Bosniacs: For what has been done to hurt you and try to destroy you, for the evils of hatred throughout our history, as a citizen of former Yugoslavia, now Serbia, I say, please forgive me and please forgive us.
As a citizen of Canada and part of the international community, I say, please forgive me and please forgive us.
I acknowledge to you the evils that have occurred in Bosnia. In your life and in the lives of your ancestors.
On behalf of my Serbian family and the group conscience of all Serbs, I deeply apologize for the wrongs, so cruel, that have been inflicted upon you.
So many lives lost that still haunt the psyche of all people of goodwill.
We now ask that the spirit of God give us absolution. We as a nation have wronged. Now we as a nation make amends. How sorry we are for all the lives lost and all the suffering Bosniacs went through.
If we could rewrite history, we would. We cannot, but God can. Dear God, please do.
May the demons of hatred be cast off, out of Bosnia, out of Serbia, out of Croatia, out of all regions of former Yugoslavia and away from this world.
May we begin anew.
May there be in Bosnia a correction and resurrection, that nevermore shall any lives be lost or wars created. May history begin again.
May the spirit of Bosnia now be reborn. For we embrace and honor the spirit of Bosnia – the spirit of all nations, peoples and religions within it.
We bless and commit to the good of your children and your children’s children.
May the pain of the past be gone forever.
May past hatred, dear God, now become a PRESENT LOVE.
May forgiveness truly wash us clean.
May all nations of Bosnia have a miraculous healing.
May we begin again as brothers, for that is what we are.
God bless your children unto all generations.
May the spirit of this amends bring peace to your soul. I bless your children. Please bless mine. I thank-you. And I thank God.
May the wrongs of the past now be made right that all nations of Bosnia be blessed. So be it.
May we never forget, may we never repeat past evil and may we try to FORGIVE.
Please, God, make these things right in love, in healing, in mercy, in grace. Amen.

NOTE: This Amends was inspired and co-written by Marianne Williamson. From the book Illuminata – A Return to Prayer.

Thank-you Marianne for your beautiful prayers and helping me find the words to express.

Melissa Rebronja
EMAR Music
July 11, 2014
Los Angeles, CA

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