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Poems by Melissa Rebronja EMAR

A Love poem

I would walk a thousand miles just to hold you.
I would swim across a hundred rivers just to kiss you.
I would climb ten mountains just to see your smile.. again.

If being in your embrace is my last day on Earth, I shall die very happy.
If I never see you again, I will die sad but fulfilled knowing that I once held you in my arms.
Seeing you smile is like a thousand birds flying in the sky.
Feeling your kisses is like a gentle wind touching the grass.
Surrendering into your arms is like melting ice into water.
You have my heart.

Love me now

I want to look into your eyes and swallow you whole.
I want to peel off layers of your soul.
I want to taste you inside out.
Embrace you with all that I got.
Breathe me in and out, as if I’m your last breath on Earth.
Love me, love me now.

Sweet Face

As you open the door, light so near
My heart is pounding, there goes a tear
Comfort my soul, as you know how
Play your music, do it now

Love so strong,
without it I won’t be long
Take me to that sacred place
sweet, sweet face
I ask you not about the nature of your past,
Speak only of now, surrender to me, surrender blind

As I hold your broken heart,
I caress the wounds, caress them flat
What’s the sorrow on your face?
A spoken word is to blame?

Written word,
come alive, reach the depth of my heart
Spoken word,
so full of fear, stay away, I rest my tear

Let it fall, you’re still a doll
I don’t remember how to call
I sit and wait I’m paralyzed
yet, I’ve come to play in paradise
I don’t know how – I’m starving blind
I look at you and you’re divine.

Who do I kiss

Who do I kiss when I close my eyes?
What is your name, beautiful smile?
Tender lips next to mine, divine.
Bring to me your heart. Let it sit next to mine.

Just for a moment let it be
Let go of reality, as you see
I love you. Yes, it’s true.
Breathe it in, it’s for you.
Now, forever and yesterday.

Maybe shelter is what I need
But often sorrow is how I feel
Will you love me without a home?
Will you take me in, when there’s a storm?
And when the sun is shining, can I feel your shade?
My heart is broken, it’s just too late.
I can’t see you now but can hear you cry
Sing to me in your mother tongue.

Baby laughter in the wind
Far beyond the cricket sting
Who dares to make a sound?
Try it, just this once.

Hold me now in your arms
I want to feel you one more time
Just together and this once
If I quiver it’s no sign
If I shiver it’s just right
Nurture me as your own child.

Crack the mask

I’m not afraid, I am terrified
You’ve looked at me without my words
If stern is what you see, I cry
I smile to not deny your eyes reflected into mine
It hurts my soul as I shiver in my toe
I crack the mask, once and for all.
Look at me now I’m in my flow
This is the face you asked for, no?

© 2014 Melissa Rebronja EMAR. All rights reserved

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