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Those who know me, know that my deepest pain is war. Specifically Yugoslav wars that destroyed out of existence the once beautiful country and nation I was born into – former Yugoslavia.

This pain challenged my belief in humanity and the existence of a higher power. How could human beings who once loved one another turn on one another? If there truly was a God, how could he/she let this happen?

I don’t have the full answers, but I have found solace in the light of good people I have met throughout the years. Good hearted people have restored my belief in humanity. Good hearted people have helped me see the light in me.

I have learned that carrying UN-forgiveness in my heart is the dark side of me. I have learned that forgiveness has many layers and it’s a process that cannot be rushed. It’s a journey and the only way out is through.

Over a decade ago I wrote a song entitled “Pure Love”. Although I wrote it, I was unable to sing it. Why? Because I was not ready to forgive. Instead I released songs like “Come on (Hajde)” which included lyrics “Come on, all of us are ONE and we know that now” and song “Sutra” which included Serbian lyrics that translate to “Forgive us God, Holy Goddess, forgive us for everything.” Both of these songs where my pleas to Humanity and God.

It’s been 15 years since the end of Yugoslav Wars and I am finally ready to release PURE LOVE. This song has been emotional and healing for me to sing.

Whatever your deepest pain is, I hope that when you are ready, you will find the courage in your heart to forgive. Forgive for you, so that you may live the rest of your days on Earth in light.

“You and I are innocent and therein lies our salvation.” ACIM

Below is a video of my performance of “Pure Love”. I hope to release the final version on my next album. Thank-you for reading and listening. Enjoy!

“As I surrender to the Adriatic Sea once again,
all I can see is the pretty bird staring back at me,
trying to show me all the pain and all the fighting that it’s seen.

The time has come to release the pain of all,
The time has come to forgive my soul and yours,
Remembering the love that’s in our hearts,
Remembering the beauty of our past, of who we are,
we really, really are… PURE LOVE!”

(written by Melissa Rebronja EMAR. All rights reserved © 2014)

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