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Melissa Rebronja EMAR entered THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY FUNNIEST COMIC IN LA CONTEST in the NEW JACK category. Stay tuned. Winner Announced in April.

Melissa Rebronja EMAR received 2 nominations from (AIMA) Artists In Music Awards: Best Adult Contemporary Artist & Best Singer Songwriter! Thank-you to all who voted. Stay tuned for wins.

Melissa Rebronja EMAR received 2 nominations from LA MUSIC Awards: Best Female Singer Songwriter & Best Hot AC Artist. Stay tuned for wins.

Melissa Rebronja EMAR released 2 full albums under her full name and 1 full album and 2 EPs under her artist name EMAR. (2003 - Present)

EMAR's version of Sufi chant "Jamil" incorporated in the score of Bollywood's Salman Khan's first North American production, DR. CABBIE! (2014)

Nominated for "BEST Social Media Artist of the Year" by LA MUSIC AWARDS. (2014)

EMAR’s version of Christian Orthodox Church-Slavonic chant “Tebje Pojem” was showcased to Catholic Priests of Society of St.Paul in Rome, Italy. (2013)

Melissa Rebronja showcased her debut stand-up comedy with DANTE at The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club. (2013)

HER voice was featured in the soundtrack of an episode of ABC’s MISSING, starring Ashely Judd. (2012)

EMAR songs won multiple Top 1, Top 10 & Top 40 channel competitions at Ourstage. (2009 -2011)

EMAR Sacred Soul album airing on international radio across the world. (2008-Present)

Picture on the cover and interview with "Etnoumlje" Serbian's top World Music Magazine. (2009)

Melisa Rebronja's version of "Wonderwall" was a top 3 winner in American Idol's Underground competition. (2006)

Her verision of "Wonderwall" & song "Beautiful" airing on Canadian mainstream radio 104.9 CLEAR FM. (2005-Present). Song "Beautiful" reaching CANCON GOLD. (2005)

Melissa Rebronja's video for song "Beautiful" was featured on BRAVO TV. (2005)

Her version of "Wonderwall cover become a top cdbaby/itunes download, making her a TOP CDBaby Artist. (2005)

Melissa Rebronja's vocal was featured on Toronto's Z 103.5 FM radio hit "I Remember" by Sahara. (2004, 2005)

Melissa Rebronja's official music debut was launched by opening for Serbian Rock band "VAN GOGH" during their North American tour kick off in Vancouver, BC. (2003)

Who is EMAR?

Born in Serbia, raised in Canada, based in Los Angeles - Melissa Rebronja also known as EMAR is a Recording Artist, Life-Coach & Comedian, evoking Peace through Music, Wisdom & Story.

Recording Artist:
SHE sings in multiple genres & languages: English, Serbian, Hindi, Arabic, Church Slavonic, Roma, Farsi, Mandarin, Russian, Latin, etc., celebrating different cultures and religions as ONE. She is a Host of MusicDreamsTV, raising awareness in today's Music Industry.

SHE is a Certified Life Coach helping people star in their own lives by being their most powerful and authentic selves. Message her directly to book sessions. SHE is a Host at: EMAR EVOLVE TALK, where she talks to people on topics of Consciousness, Spirituality & Oneness

SHE uses characters, wisdom and real-life story telling to entertain and raise consciousness.

HER mission is PEACE through ONENESS.

It doesn't matter if you're an atheist, agnostic, religious, spiritual, whatever. If you are a kind human, have love in your heart, are open minded and do your best not to judge but extend love, kindness and acceptance to every human on Earth - You are living in Oneness and we need you. You are a blessing upon us and we are grateful for who you are. Thank-you!

EVOKING PEACE and RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS is a big task. Your support is deeply appreciated. See "Donation Button" below. Thank-you so much.

Thank-you. I am so grateful. <3